Charter Amendment Restoring Retirement Benefits Inches Closer to Making November Ballot!

Rules Committee Unanimously Moves Amendment to Full Board of Supervisors

We have some exciting news for the Fairness for SF Retirees Campaign: On Wednesday, June 29, the Rules Committee unanimously moved consideration of the proposed Charter Amendment restoring retirement benefits to the full Board of Supervisors.

Multiple supporters of the charter amendment spoke at the Wednesday committee hearing, including Protect Our Benefits President Fred Sanchez, IFPTE Local 21 President Gus Vallejo and POB member Herb Weiner.

Denise Mayfield, daughter of longtime activist and Protect Our Benefits founder Nancy Gin – who passed away late last year – spoke passionately in favor of the charter amendment in honor of her mother.

“My mom always fought for the rights of city employees to have a quality retirement,” Mayfield said. “Please do the right thing and get this on the ballot.”

Supervisor Ahsha Safai, lead sponsor of the Charter Amendment, spoke of reversing an injustice.

“Most of [these retirees] gave their blood, sweat and tears to this city,” Supervisor Safai said. “To have a benefit taken away is unjust. It’s unjust to treat our seniors and elders in that way.”

Once passed by the Board of Supervisors, the Charter Amendment will be on the November ballot. Stay tuned!

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