POB May Newsletter  – Great News for Pre-1996-ers


The Health Service Board Meetings will be a hybrid in-person and virtual meeting according to City Administrator Guidance. This practice will be reconsidered every 30 days. COVID-19 will be with us for some time and may present new challenges, but with common sense, we’ll overcome this situation. Vaccinations, rapid test kits, masks, and access to medical care, whatever you feel comfortable with, by all means, use it. You are your best advocate for your health. Right now, HSS is in what they call the Strategic Planning Process, which will identify important changes in our circumstances and knowledge that SFHSS can use to refresh the strategy and keep it relevant as the world of health changes every day. Glad to see mental health care issues have been coming to the forefront. There is a webpage that members can access for assistance with mental health using available EAP counseling, free mental health support apps available through HSS health plans, and a wealth of workshops, seminars, and classes noted on the SFHSS Well-Being Calendar. For answers to your questions and information on SFHSS Mental health Awareness Month go to the webpage https://sfhss.org/. Be safe and well.


Well, April was interesting, can’t wait to see what May will bring all of us. As you know this Newsletter is a month behind. For April, SFERS’ assets were down an estimated -2.94%. For the calendar year, SFERS assets were down an estimated -6.12%. But, for the fiscal year, SFERS has generated an estimated return of 0.58% over the current fiscal year. SFERS estimated assets at the end of March are $34.4 Billion. Hopefully, May will end up better.


On May 24th Supervisor Ahsha Safai introduced the POB, charter amendment proposal to the Board of Supervisors and explained why the Supplemental COLA must be restored to those who retired prior to November 6, 1996. He was joined by co-sponsors Supervisors Melgar, Ronan, Walton, Mar, and Peskin. POB wishes to thank Supervisor Safai and the co-sponsors who stepped forward as “IT’S THE FAIR THING TO DO”. POB will now move into Planning “Phase Two” to help ensure the amendment is passed by the voters.  POB will publish the draft when it is ready for the ballot. The proposal must now clear a committee hearing and a vote of the full Board of Supervisors, so the job isn’t done yet. POB wishes to thank those major donors and supporters including but not limited to Local 798, SFPOA, SEIU 1021, SFVPOA, RECCSF, and the Retired Firefighters and Widows Association. Please keep up your support!!


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