Prop A Receives SF GOP Endorsement

Local Republican Party Joins Broad Coalition in Supporting the Restoration of Benefits to Thousands of San Francisco Retirees 

SAN FRANCISCO – The campaign for Proposition A, the San Francisco Retiree Supplemental Cost of Living Adjustment Charter Amendment, is happy to announce that the San Francisco Republican Party has voted to endorse the ballot measure.

The local GOP joins a broad coalition of organizations and individuals who have voiced support for Proposition A. Recent endorsements have come from the National Union of Healthcare Workers, the San Francisco District 11 Democratic Club and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Additional supporters include the San Francisco Labor Council, the SFDCCC, the Latinx Democratic Club,  Fire Fighters Local 798, the San Francisco Police Officer Association, SEIU 1021, CARA, the Grey Panthers, the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition, Assemblymember Matt Haney and Board of Supervisor lead sponsor Ahsha Safai  A full list of supporters can be found here.

In July, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to place on the November ballot a Charter Amendment designed to right a wrong and help struggling seniors.

Because of changes to the San Francisco City Charter more than a decade ago, approximately 4,500 city retirees have had their pensions unfairly compromised. These changes stripped away their supplemental Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), and forced many to live on pensions of as little as $22,000 a year.  The Charter Amendment will restore the supplemental COLA benefit payments to members of the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System who retired before November 6, 1996.

“In a time when so many issues are politically polarized, it says a lot to have organizations such as the San Francisco Republican Party, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee and the San Francisco Berniecrats on the same page,” said Fred Sanchez, co-chair of the campaign to restore retiree benefits. “This shows just how important and widely supported restoring these benefits to our retirees is.”

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